GCCD is a resource management company in the creative industry based in London, aiming to bring together global resources of culture and art, and hence to enhance communication and understanding among different places in the world. We are dedicated to creating a resourcing platform of culture and art, on which to present and provide outstanding products and services of art to a wider audience.

— Global Culture Communication & Development

Our Services



GCCD media is a comprehensive bilingual media system. It features ART.ZIP magazine, and consists of printed and online magazines and varied social media. We provide commercial organizations, artists and individuals with integrated and tailored services including strategy making, advertising and designing.



GCCD is a registered publisher in the UK. It follows the UK publication rules and codes, and is granted by the British Library with ISBN and ISSN. Since its inception in 2012, GCCD has been dedicated to publishing and bringing in art-related publications in both countries. We offer a unique set of creative services including editorial, translation, proofreading, design, print and distribution.

Film Producing


Our talented team produces a list of high quality videos and films including art documentaries, online courses and commercial adverts. We provide services from script writing to filming and editing.

Art/ Content Writing


GCCD collaborates with worldwide conventional and new media, bloggers and vloggers, and offers art, fashion, travel and lifestyle related content design and writing.

Branding & Marketing


GCCD makes your business values and stories stand out and tailors your business needs to art activities and events for better customer awareness and brand loyalty.

Events Planning


GCCD curates and hosts exhibitions, speeches, performances and more in the UK with a high level of professionality.

Art Education


We organize short-term educational tours in categories of painting, theatre and drama, architecture and design for students and families, where they can experience the most of UK during the tour.

We provide art professionals with targeted further studies, in which they are introduced to the current best in their industries, and facilitated networking events are organized.

Investment Consultancy


GCCD offers expert advice on art sales and auctions, including British, European and Chinese laws on relevant matters and tax and transport concerns.