GCCD is a resource management company in the creative industry based in London, aiming to bring together global resources of culture and art, and hence to enhance communication and understanding among different places in the world. We are dedicated to creating a resourcing platform of culture and art, on which to present and provide outstanding products and services of art to a wider audience.

— Global Culture Communication & Development


GCCD media is a comprehensive bilingual media system. It features ART.ZIP magazine, and consists of printed and online magazines and varied social media. We provide commercial organizations, artists and individuals with integrated and tailored services including strategy making, advertising and designing.

ART.ZIP is the first bilingual contemporary art magazine dedicated to bringing together the world of art in the UK and China. Distributed in both countries, it not only showcases the current best in art, from industry veterans to tomorrow’s innovators, but also provides a unique insight into other sectors in the creative industry with an eye for art. This includes fashion, design, music, advertising, architecture, cinema, and much more.Our experienced team offers in-depth analysis to engage influential audiences in the art and design world and beyond.

ART.ZIP Contemporary Art Magazine

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